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We have over 15 years plastering and gyprock experience in Canberra we do plaster repair and gyprock replacement. Our team do high quality patching and joint plastering if you have an small holes or big holes on the walls or ceiling or any water damage ceiling or walls in your plasterboard we are the best team to do the job because as a plasterers and painters we know how the perfect plasterboard look likes after finishing.

You will get benefit from us as we have several years of expertise in plastering and joint pulling. Invisible work done with dexterity and precision… this is the perfection that we guarantee!

Type of Buildings

  • Office spaces
  • Residential and commercial
  • condominium
  • Shopping centers
  • Big box stores
  • Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Medical clinics,
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
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For all your plaster work in your new home or following renovations, from jointing to the installation of gypsum, not to mention your decorative expectations for walls or ceilings, improvisation hardly has its place. For highly professional work, only a dynamic team that respects its customers like Quality Painting Services is able to guarantee you a quality finish even beyond your requirements. From surface preparation to completion of the work, we are recognized for our know-how and expertise.


Because of the investments involved and the potential income that this can quickly generate, when you complete your business project or renovate it, you need to use a company like ours for all your plaster-related work, because we have great respect for both quotes and your deadlines. Our prices are highly competitive. Our expertise and know-how are widely recognized by customers who are always very satisfied with our professionalism.


The use of plaster in an industry has its special rules. Not only does this require having the appropriate equipment to carry out this work, because we are not talking about small jobs here, but it also requires a more in-depth knowledge of the surfaces in question and respect for the immediate environment of this work. building. For new construction, for renovations in this area or for minor or major repairs, Quality Painting is the company that stands out as your first choice at clearly competitive prices.